Activated Carbon Monolith Catalysts (ACMC®) are monolith catalysts in which the active catalytic metals are supported on activated carbon that is built into the walls of the monolith. The low-pressure drop and high surface area of our ACMC® products will boost production throughputs, activity and selectivity levels. The potential elimination of the catalyst separation step and the long-life expectancy of our unique Catalyst will continue to save you in operational expenses year over year.

ACMC® products can be used in process chemistries from pH 1 to pH 10. Commercial chemistries have been run at 50 psi to 750 psi, and 60 C to 220 C with no evidence of attrition or deactivation.

Typical catalytic metals from both Platinum Group (Pd & Pt) and Base (Ni) as well as other non-metals may also be used. The activated carbon in the monoliths in our standard products are wood-based or coconut based and custom ACMCs® can be made with alternative carbons.

A brief list of some representative products is in the ACMC Flyer, and product specification sheets are given below for representative ACMC-Pd and ACMC-Ni products that we offer.

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