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Applied Catalysts, a family-owned and operated ISO 9001:2008 certified company, proudly offers a robust—and swiftly delivered—roster of catalyst services in our comprehensive R&D center and laboratory in Laurens, South Carolina, including:
• Air permit compliance assurance for your CATOX system
• Catalyst Activity Testing, troubleshooting, cleaning and characterization
• New product development and modeling.

“I have a CATOX (Catalytic Oxidation System) that’s five years old and failing. It’ll cost me $20K to tested in the field.”
At Applied Catalysts, we can test your catalyst for less than 10% of an on-site stack test

Applied Catalysts can handle virtually any catalyst-service needs in these markets:
• Air pollution control
• Appliances
• Chemical processing, and…
• Specialty adsorbents

AND, for these air pollution control catalyst types:
• Ceramic or Metal monolith and Spheres for catalytic oxidation systems
• RCO Catalysts
o Saddles
o Extrusions / Rings
o Monolith Type

“I called one of the BIG catalyst firms two weeks ago about having them test my catalyst. Still no returned call.”
Applied Catalysts would likely have finished your job by now!


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For a quarter-century

Applied Catalysts

Has provided a broad array of catalysts,

along with development, testing and troubleshooting services, to enhance clean air and chemical process applications.