Catalyst Testing

Air Permit Compliance Catalyst Testing


Applied Catalysts has the ability to do routine and custom catalyst testing. If you are in need of a catalyst test to meet your local air regulatory permit requirements and stay in compliance, Applied Catalysts can help you.
Using a modified EPA Method 25A test, we can take a small sample of catalyst into our test reactor and generate activity data for your catalyst. Matching it against pristine catalyst, we can demonstrate whether or not the catalyst is operating as new, has been deactivated slightly, or is in need for replacement. One of the common misunderstandings amongst some is that catalysts can deactivate quickly. This is largely not the case. Catalysts typically deactivate slowly via a time/temperature phenomenon, and via the slow accumulation of catalyst masking agents. There are very few true “catalyst poisons”, and in most cases, catalyst can be cleaned and restored to near pristine condition via catalyst cleaning.

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