Chemical Process Systems

Applied Catalysts is offering Catalytic Reactor Units (CRU™) (Brochure) which are turn-key commercial scale manufacturing systems for continuous process chemical production. To support our customers with these systems, we are also offering lab scale test units and catalytic process testing services in the scale up process. Applied Catalysts has a unique strength in providing monolith and particulate based CRU™ and catalysts for continuous process chemistries.

Catalytic Test Units (CTU) (Brochure) have been developed in collaboration with Altamira Instruments to aid our customers in lab scale continuous reactor development and testing.

CRU™ (Brochure) have been developed with our engineering partner, R C Costello Engineering, and partnering modular systems builders including Zeton, Epic Modular Systems, and ECS Catalysts.

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For a quarter-century

Applied Catalysts

Has provided a broad array of new

and replacement catalysts for industrial air pollution control applications, along with testing and troubleshooting services for existing catalytic oxidation systems.