CTU Catalytic Test Units for Lab Scale Testing


Catalytic Test Units (CTU) (Brochure) have been developed by Applied Catalysts in collaboration with Altamira Instruments to aid our customers in lab scale continuous reactor testing. There are three test units that have been developed, one for single reactor tube testing, one for multiple reactor tube testing, and one for lifetime testing. These units have been designed to test 3-phase hydrogenations (solid catalyst, liquid substrate, and hydrogen gas)but can be used for 2 phase hydrogenations and many other catalyst chemistries such as Amination. For hydrogenations, the hydrogen uptake is monitored and inlet and outlet temperatures can be monitored as an in-situ measure of the chemistry. Please see our (Brochure)

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The single and multiple reactor tube stations are based on a 1/2″ diameter x 3″ length catalyst bed and the lifetime reactor is based on a 1″ diameter by 12″ catalyst bed. Monolith or particulate catalysts can be provided using our standard general purpose catalysts, or on a custom basis. Similarly, Applied Catalysts and Altamira instruments can also develop custom laboratory scale test systems to meet your needs.

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