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For CRU™ Catalytic Reactor Units- turn-key systems for installation in chemical plants, please consider one of the following 2 forms:

The process for CRU™ construction requires three levels of inquiry. The first is an estimate based on a process schematic and limited information, see below. The second is a “Front-end” engineering estimate which involves estimates of equipment required, mass and energy balances and more specific information about the process. The third is detailed engineering required by modular builders to construct the system to be installed. The first estimate is a no-cost estimate so the customers has a rough idea of the cost of a system based on their chemistry. The second and third steps have costs associated with them that vary depending on the process to be installed, so these estimates require a meeting (by phone or conference call) with the customer and our team. Hydrogenation CRU™ quote request:

Chemical process type:

Substrate to be hydrogenated:


Concentration of substrate in process solution:

Hydrogen required:

Process Temperature:

Process Pressure:

Reaction rate:

Daily production volume of substrate needed:

Substrate mp:

Substrate bp:

Heat of reaction:

Preferred catalyst:

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