Industrial air pollution control

Replacement Catalysts for Catalytic Oxidizers


There are many options when choosing a type of system to control Industrial Air Pollution, in particular VOC (volatile organic compound emissions). While thermal oxidation is a method used quite often, catalytic oxidation remains amongst the lowest total cost of ownership methodology for abating VOC’s. Applied Catalysts manufactures a full portfolio of catalysts, trademarked Abate VOC™, on varied supports. Depending on the application or style of catalytic oxidizer to be employed, ceramic or metal monolith, spheres, extrusions, or RCO Catalysts can all be manufactured to fit the system perfectly. There are many industries that have employed catalytic oxidation, including but not limited to; automotive paint booth exhaust and parts manufacturing (lost foam casting), metal decorating, printing, coating, laminating, converting, engineered wood manufacturing (OSB, MDF, Plywood), Bakery/ Ethanol, Food Processing, Soil Vapor extraction, and pharmaceutical applications.
If you are already the owner of a Catalytic Oxidation System, and need Catalyst Testing, Catalyst Cleaning, Characterization Services, or are in need of a Catalyst Replacement, Applied Catalysts can help you. Fast, inexpensive, technically proficient. That’s Applied Catalysts.

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