VOC:CO Abatement

Replacement Catalysts for VOC Abatement


VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and CO (Carbon Monoxide) are perfect applications for catalytic oxidation by the use of the Applied Catalysts family of Abate VOC™ catalysts.  Many Industrial Air Pollution Control applications can employ the use of catalysts.  Depending on the type of system being designed by the OEM, the proper selection of catalyst is critical to ensure a trouble free installation and to minimize maintenance intervals.

Carbon monoxide is very easily oxidized with the use of catalysts, at temperatures below 212°F (100°C).  Contrary to that, thermal oxidation requires very high temperatures in excess of 1700°F (925°C).  For some RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidation) applications, either process or burner CO can take a customer out of compliance with their air permit, so temperatures need to be increased substantially which puts wear and tear on your materials of construction of the RTO.  Retrofitting with catalyst to turn the RTO into an RCO (Regenerative Catalytic Oxidation), is very easy to do, and the operating temperature can drop below 800°F or even lower depending on the VOC’s present in addition to the CO.  This will cut operating costs of fuel and electricity (lower temperature = lower pressure drop), and will lengthen the life of your system due to the much lower thermal stress on the materials of construction.

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