Process Catalysts

Applied Catalysts has a unique strength in providing monolith and particulate based catalysts for continuous process chemistries. Our proprietary ACMC® (Activated Carbon Monolith Catalysts) ACMC Flyer are focused on hydrogenation and other chemistries such as:

  • Amination
  • Reductive Alkylation
  • Biomass Chemistries
  • Deoxygenation
  • Fischer Tropsch
  • Ammonia Synthesis

For more details on ACMC® catalysts, see the ACMC Flyer and the section below.

We also produce other monolith based and particulate based catalysts for a variety of continuous process chemistries. See the sections below on our particulate based and other monolith based catalysts. Many of our catalysts are provided on a custom basis, so they are not listed.

Ceramic Monolith Catalysts

For a quarter-century

Applied Catalysts

Has provided a broad array of new

and replacement catalysts for industrial air pollution control applications, along with testing and troubleshooting services for existing catalytic oxidation systems.