Catalyst Testing Services & Laboratory

Applied Catalysts offers lab scale and show-tube scale testing of hydrogenation and other chemical processes under reductive or inert conditions. Other chemistries can also be run by request. Combining our testing services with our catalyst development services accelerates project success and maximizes value creation.

Our Process for
Catalyst Testing

We have run many classes of Hydrogenation chemistry, including Hydrogenation of Nitrobenzene, Oleochemical Derivatives, Nitriles, Olefins, Aromatic rings, Hydrodechlorination, and Carbonyl groups. Other Hydrogenations can be run, including Organic Acids, Esters, Polymers, and reductive chemstries including Alkylation, Amination, and Hydrodealkylation.

How Do Our Catalyst Testing
Services Benefit You?

Our testing services enable our customers to accelerate progress through the addition of our experience in continuous process catalysts and process chemistry.

Problems Solved by Catalyst Testing

There is often a large time delay in implementing catalyst testing technology, preventing rapid commercialization and lowering the NPV achieved by the process change.

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Applied Catalysts is pleased to offer lab scale and semi-pilot scale testing services in our proprietary Shell and Tube test reactor. The reactor is based on a 1″ diameter by 39″ catalyst bed and can be used to test process conditions for complete conversion of customer chemistry in a bed of 39″ or higher bed lengths using multiple reactor passes. The heat generated per pass is measured by the analysis of the increase in coolant temperature over the reactor bed length. The conversion is measured by sampling our internal GC or FTIR capability and often this is done by sending GC samples to the customer for their analysis. This is both cost effective and keeps the collaboration with the customer strong through-out the scale-up process.

Applied Catalysts has the experience to transfer continuous or batch lab scale reactor conditions to those needed in a pilot/ commercial reactor tube. Data from the semi-pilot scale test reactor can be used directly in the CRU™ turn-key catalytic reactor units for commercial scale production, or an intermediate show-tube can be run.

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Other Services

Catalyst Development

Applied Catalysts offers catalyst development services based on heterogeneous catalysts. Combining our testing services with our catalyst development services accelerates project success and maximizes value creation for the customer.

Process Development

In addition to catalyst development, Applied Catalysts provides process development. Determining the ideal process conditions for catalyst application is crucial to successful implementation.

Systems Scaleup

The team at Applied Catalysts offers support for systems scaleup to improve resource effectiveness and move toward commercialization.

Process Catalysts

Chemical Catalysts

Applied Catalysts specializes in chemical catalysts. Our testing services help customers achieve sustainability, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

Custom Catalysts

At Applied Catalysts, we strive to meet the unique needs of every customer. Whether you have a particular catalyst type in mind or need some additional guidance, we can help find the best solutions through all stages, from development to commercialization.

Catalyst Processes


Hydrogenation is an essential process in a number of chemical process industries, including Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceutical intermediates, and Polymers. We offer robust hydrogenation testing for a variety of classes of chemistry at the lab scale or show-tube scale.

Reductive Alkylation

The use of reductive alkylation is vital for medicinal chemistry. Applied Catalysts offers customers reductive alkylation process testing.

Oxidation to Chemicals

Catalytic oxidation processes can also be used to oxidize organic substrates to other chemicals. There are many oxidation reactions of interest, including transformations of bio-mass to chemicals.


Applied Catalysts also offers solutions for other catalyst processes. We collaborate with customers to ensure that they receive the services that they need when they need them.

Industries Served


The biorenewable industry is critical to environmental improvement and sustainability. We offer testing services and high-quality catalysts that enable our customers to efficiently and effectively convert biorenewable feedstocks into useful chemicals and fuels.

Specialty Chemicals

Applied Catalysts offers solutions for specialty chemicals. In addition to development and manufacturing, our testing services establish whether catalyst life has been exhausted and replacement is required.

Fine Chemical Catalysts

Pharmaceuticals and agriculture are only two of the many industries that rely on fine chemicals, and we offer testing services that contribute to their production. Our catalyst testing can improve the ability to manufacture fine chemical products while maximizing cost-effectiveness.


Oleochemicals play an important role in the world of raw materials, particularly with the increasing trend away from using petroleum-based products. We offer catalyst services to meet the needs of our customers with a focus on oleochemical processing.


The polymer industry influences many aspects of our everyday lives, from clothing to life-saving equipment. We offer catalyst solutions to ensure that customer processes are optimized, helping determine when improvements are in order, such as replacing bed reactors.


Catalysts are essential to the production and development of pharmaceutical ingredients. Our catalyst services empower customers to lower costs without hindering progress and innovation.

Catalyst Testing Services You Can Rely On

Applied Catalysts has multiple lab scale, semi-pilot and show-tube scale reactor systems available for testing your chemistry, or surrogate chemistry.

  • we help you determine what catalyst is going to deliver the optimal productivity, selectivity & lifetime for your application
  • we accelerate your time to revenue by making it quicker to transition from lab to commercial scale
  • we lower project costs by leveraging our hydrogenation lab and pilot testing capability
  • We help you determine what catalyst is going to deliver the optimal productivity, selectivity & lifetime for your application

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For a quarter-century

Applied Catalysts

Has provided a broad array of catalysts,

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