Activated carbon monolith

Activated Carbon Monolith Catalysts (ACMC®)


Do you want to make more product in less time?
Would you like to see improved selectivity in your process?
Do you want fewer catalyst change outs due to less catalyst attrition?

Applied Catalysts develops and manufactures ACMC® (activated carbon monolith catalysts) based on a unique activated carbon monolith. These catalysts are used for a number of applications including chemical process and emission control catalysts. In chemical process applications, ACMC® catalysts can be used for continuous hydrogenation reactions in many areas where traditional GACC (granular activated carbon catalysts) are currently used. Other applications where ACMC® is used include indoor air quality, ozone reduction, and odor elimination for emission control and dehydrogenation, dehalogenation, syngas to alcohols, and other specialty areas for chemical process.

The ACMC structure is designed with activated carbon and a ceramic binding matrix so that it is accessible to liquid and gas and may support a variety of precious and base metals depending on the requirement. Custom versions of these monoliths are also available with other activated carbon types.

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