Precious Metal Spheres

Packed Bed Catalytic Oxidation Spheres


Beads, Spheres, and Pellets are typically used interchangeably, to refer to precious metal impregnated, stabilized alumina, particulate supports. When designing a packed bed system for Industrial Air Pollution Control, Applied Catalysts can provide you with off the shelf solutions in both nominal 1/8”spheres and nominal 1/4” spheres, or a custom sphere size that you may require. Depending on the requirements for destruction, and the VOC’s or compounds that you are trying to abate, we will choose the proper metal loading for that application.

One of the advantages of using a packed bed design for catalytic oxidation, is the spherical catalyst’s ability to withstand more potential catalyst poisons and/or masking agents such as Si from siloxanes and P from fountain solutions, compared to the straight through flow channels of a ceramic monolith catalyst.

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