RCO Catalytic Saddles


Regenerative Air Pollution Control Systems are currently the most widely used systems for Industrial Air Pollution Control and VOC abatement. With 95% heat recovery, regenerative systems are very efficient for a wide variety of applications. Catalyst can be used in cases of high flow rate and low concentration of VOC’s to be abated, to lower the operating costs of the regenerative system. Additionally, when CO and NOx are an issue, catalysts can be an excellent option. Catalysts oxidize CO readily, and due to the low temperature required to abate the VOC’s, there is less burner NOx created than with a thermal based system (RTO). Hence, a NOx removal system and capital may be avoided by using ABATE-RCO-S™media.

Our saddle supported, precious metal based ABATE RCO-S catalyst is engineered to fit perfectly with RTO/RCO’s that use random packed heat exchange media.

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