Ceramic Honeycomb

RTO Heat Media – Structured Packing


We supply a wide variety of RTO Ceramic Monolith Heat Exchange Media for structured packing designed RTO’s (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers).

Our MC-01 product is a porcelain ceramic that has the benefits of excellent thermal stability, high resistance to thermal shock, and good thermal mass for effective heat exchange in a compact design. Standard sizes are 150x150mm square block, typically cut to 150 or 300mm. These ceramic blocks come in a variety of cell geometries, including the popular 25×25, 40×40, and 43×43.

These products are manufactured by our venture partner, ACIChemshun (www.acichemshun.cn), in Jiangxi, China. Our facility operates to ISO-9001 quality standards.

150 x 150 x 30010 x 10
150 x 150 x 30013 x 13
150 x 150 x 30015 x 15
150 x 150 x 30025 x 25
150 x 150 x 30032 x 32
150 x 150 x 30040 x 40
150 x 150 x 30043 x 43
150 x 150 x 30050 x 50
150 x 150 x 30060 x 60

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