Soil Remediation

Catalysts for Soil Vapor Extraction


Soil vapor extraction (SVE) is an in situ soil remediation technology in which a vacuum is applied to the soil to induce the controlled flow of air and remove volatile and some semivolatile contaminants from the soil.  An air compressor at the surface pumps air underground through the wells. As air bubbles through the groundwater, it carries contaminant vapors upward into the soil above the water table. The mixture of air and vapors is then pulled out of the ground for treatment using SVE.  Once above ground, a Catalytic Oxidizer, employing specially developed oxidation catalyst, catalytically combusts the VOC’s to Carbon dioxide and water.  In the case where chlorinated hydrocarbons are present, care must be taken to use the proper catalyst and to design a proper air pollution control system to handle the corrosive gases that are emitted from the control device, such as HCl, which can be removed via a caustic scrubber, post catalyst abatement.

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