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Looking for the Quality and buying economies of a larger catalyst supplier, but with the fast responsiveness, design flexibility and personal attention of smaller company?

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We can help you find, test, and scale the right catalyst and system for your process. Need help transitioning from a batch process to a continuous process for intensification?

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Designing a new catalytic oxidation system or process?

Looking for a replacement air pollution control catalyst?
Need a custom-designed catalyst component?
At Applied Catalysts, our experienced, flexible, multi-disciplinary team is
waiting to address your unique production, replacement, testing, or
troubleshooting need.



Need new, replacement or custom-designed catalysts for any industrial air pollution control application or kitchen appliance?


Looking for fast testing, troubleshooting, cleaning or characterization services for any catalytic oxidation system?


Want to explore the market applications where ACC excels? Or, have us create a unique product for your application?

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For a quarter-century

Applied Catalysts

Has provided a broad array of catalysts,

along with development, testing and troubleshooting services, to enhance clean air and chemical process applications.