Build Guardbed Catalysts & Guardbed Systems with Applied Catalysts

Guardbed Catalysts and Guardbed Systems are specialized components used in chemical engineering and industrial processes for the critical task of purification. They play an indispensable role in ensuring chemical flow stream cleanliness and safety by eliminating various impurities and particulate matter.

Guardbed Catalysts and Guardbed Systems protect the catalyst in numerous chemical processes to improve the catalyst’s lifetime and the product purity.

In essence, Guardbed Catalysts and Guardbed Systems serve as the protective shield in chemical processing, safeguarding product quality, enhancing process safety, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Benefits of Guardbed Catalysts & Guardbed Systems

At Applied Catalysts, we harness these benefits to provide our clients with guardbed catalysts and systems that are tailor-made to their specific needs and industry standards.

Our solutions are designed to deliver maximum performance and value, helping our clients achieve their operational and sustainability goals.

Improved Product Quality: Guardbed systems provide an essential function in removing impurities and particulate contaminants from the process streams. This leads to higher product purity, which is crucial in industries such as pharmaceuticals, specialty & fine chemicals, petrochemicals, and food & beverage.

Process Safety: By removing harmful substances such as mercury, arsine, and other hazardous contaminants, guardbed systems enhance the safety of the processing environment. This helps protect equipment and ensures the health and safety of employees.

Operational Efficiency: Guardbed catalysts accelerate the chemical reactions that remove contaminants, thus speeding up the purification process. This leads to more efficient operations and can reduce downtime.

Equipment Protection: Impurities can cause damage to downstream processing equipment, leading to maintenance issues and costly repairs. Guardbed systems protect this equipment by removing impurities before they can cause harm.

Regulatory Compliance: Many industries are subject to strict regulations regarding the purity of their products and the disposal of waste. By effectively capturing and removing impurities, guardbed systems help businesses meet these regulatory requirements.

Versatility: Guardbed systems can be designed and customized to target a variety of specific impurities, making them versatile tools for a wide range of industries and applications.

Cost-Effective: Through their role in improving operational efficiency, enhancing product quality, and protecting expensive processing equipment, guardbed catalysts and systems can offer significant cost savings over the long term.

Environmental Responsibility: By removing harmful substances from waste streams before they're released, guardbed systems help businesses reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Why Applied Catalysts
for Guardbed Catalysts & Guardbed Systems?

At Applied Catalysts, we offer an extensive range of Guardbed Catalysts designed to cater to a multitude of applications, ensuring our clients have access to the most fitting solutions for their specific purification needs.

These are available both as replacement catalysts for existing systems and as components of our complete guardbed reactor systems.


Chloride and Halogen Removal

Chlorides and halogens can be highly corrosive and detrimental to process equipment. Our guardbed catalysts designed for chloride and halogen removal effectively capture these substances, protecting your infrastructure and ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your operations.


Mercury Removal

Mercury is a hazardous element that can have serious environmental and health implications. Our mercury removal guardbed catalysts help industries comply with regulatory standards and ensure a safer working environment. These catalysts are especially crucial in industries such as petrochemicals and natural gas processing where mercury is often a contaminant.


Arsine Removal

Arsine is a highly toxic substance commonly found in the semiconductor industry and some chemical processes. Our arsine removal guardbed catalysts efficiently capture and neutralize arsine, safeguarding the health of employees and the integrity of the final product.


Sulfur Removal

Sulfurous compounds can poison catalysts and degrade product quality. Our sulfur removal guardbed catalysts effectively eliminate sulfur from process streams, maintaining the efficiency of your operations and the quality of your end products. This is particularly important in industries such as oil refining and gas processing.


Oxygen Removal

In certain processes, oxygen can cause unwanted oxidation reactions. Our oxygen removal guardbed catalysts are designed to effectively remove oxygen, preventing undesired reactions and enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of the process.


Water Removal

Organic fluids can contain very small amounts of residual water which often create challenges for reactions and are an impurity in final products. Materials with micropores, often called molecular sieves absorb water molecules for the purification of organic liquids.


Particulate and Fines Removal

Particles and fines can cause blockages and mechanical wear, leading to operational inefficiencies and potential equipment damage. Our guardbed catalysts for particulate and fines removal capture these small particles, ensuring a smoother process flow and protecting your equipment.

By providing these specific guardbed catalysts and complete guardbed reactor systems, we at Applied Catalysts empower businesses to protect their assets, improve product quality, and ensure a safer, more efficient operating environment.

Our Process For Guardbed Catalysts

Process Catalysts

Metal Oxide Catalysts (MOC)

MOC products offer advantages as it can be used in both reductive and oxidative environments. Other advantages include high strength, attrition resistance, and tunable surface properties for various applications.

Custom Catalysts

Delivering on a foundation of catalyst development of over 30 years, we offer monolith-based, particulate catalysts, PGM, and base-metal catalysts.

Activated Carbon Monolith Catalysts (ACMC)

At Applied Catalysts, we strive to meet the unique needs of every customer. Whether you have a particular catalyst type in mind or need some additional guidance, we can help find the best solutions through all stages, from development to commercialization.

Granular Activated Carbon Catalysts (GACC)

GACC products have a high surface area and inert support for numerous catalyst applications. We can help you develop, test, and deliver the right catalyst.


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Catalyst Development

Applied Catalysts offers catalyst development services based on heterogeneous catalysts. Combining our testing services with our catalyst development services accelerates project success and maximizes value creation for the customer.


Catalyst Sourcing

There will be times when alternate suppliers are needed. As a supplier of catalyst and process technology ourselves, we can help customers source catalysts and chemicals in many areas.

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Catalyst Testing

We offer lab-scale and show-tube scale testing of hydrogenation and other chemical processes under reductive or inert conditions. Other chemistries can also be run by request.



Batch Reactor Systems

Batch reactor systems offer a reliable and flexible way to manufacture a wide range of chemical products and allow for better control over each reaction step, making them an ideal choice for many chemical manufacturers.


Continuous Reactors

Our continuous reactor systems offer productivity, reliability, and cost advantages for chemical manufacturing. Turn-key systems can be delivered.

Preparing machine for work in pharmaceutical factory. Female worker wearing protective clothing in pharmaceutical plant.

Modular Process Systems

Designed for flexible just in time manufacturing, our modular process systems are the perfect tools for increasing productivity and driving profitability.

Pharmaceutical technician in sterile environment working on production of pills at pharmacy factory

Separation Systems

Separation Systems are integral to a variety of industries that involve the processing of complex chemical mixtures that require safe, efficient, and reliable process equipment.


Process - Performance Guaranteed Guardbed Catalysts and Guardbed Systems

We give our clients the peace of mind that they need to invest in our equipment, knowing that it will perform as intended and meet their production goals.

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    Rapid changeover from one chemistry to another

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    Just-in-time manufacturing

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    Seamless process scaleup

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