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About Catalyst Development

Identifying the best catalyst for a chemical process is a daunting task. Applied Catalysts has a mission of helping those without a historical database of catalysts and performance data. A combination of catalysis experience, investment in testing and characterization tools, and leveraged resources have been organized to help customers transition from lab-scale to commercial-scale chemical processes.

Our catalyst development services build on a foundation of catalyst development over the 30-year history for both monolith-based and particulate-based catalysts, as well as PGM and base-metal catalysts. We have developed catalysts for hydrogenation and other reductive processes, selected proprietary chemistries of customers, and emission control catalysts.

Our Process for Catalyst Testing

Applied Catalysts select from internal and Industry catalysts to meet the customer’s need. Often, an improved catalyst is needed, and we have a history of catalyst development and are ready to develop new catalysts for your application.

Our facilities include a wide variety of equipment for catalyst preparation and scale-up, including lab-scale, semi-pilot, and show-tube scale reactors ready for use.

Combining our testing services with our catalyst development and engineering services accelerates project success and maximizes value creation for you.

How Do Our Catalyst Development Services Benefit You?

Applied Catalysts has experience in modifying catalyst formulations and properties to rapidly reach performance goals. The improvements are designed so they can be implemented at the production scale.

Our capabilities can be leveraged, saving significant R&D and engineering infrastructure. We have developed these resources over many years of similar projects.

Implementing catalyst development technology rapidly enables commercialization and maximizes the NPV created by implementing the developed catalysts.

Problems Solved by Catalyst Testing

It is not common to have an organization that spans the catalyst development process from lab scale to pilot scale to commercial production. Building such a capability delays time to market and may not be cost-effective compared to working with Applied Catalysts, where the resources have been developed over years of similar projects.

Implementing catalyst development technology rapidly enables rapid commercialization and maximizes the NPV created by implementing the developed catalysts.

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Other Services

Catalyst Development

Applied Catalysts offers catalyst development services based on heterogeneous catalysts. Combining our testing services with our catalyst development services accelerates project success and maximizes value creation for the customer.

Process Development

With years of experience as a premier catalytic technology, Applied Catalysts offers process development based on several process steps, including preparation and mixing solutions.

Systems Scaleup

As a well-versed catalytic technology provider, Applied Catalysts offers systems scale-up by leveraging the application of general chemical engineering principles to achieve the desired mass and heat transfer results.

Other Process Catalysts

Chemical Catalysts

Applied Catalysts’ development company provides chemical catalysts essential to chemical and industrial processes. Our catalyst development solutions are essential in manufacturing pharmaceutical products. Also, the chemical catalyst helps to support catalytic reactions, and emission control is crucial in minimizing materials, weight, and cost during the design process. Visit our chemical catalysts page for more information.

Custom Catalysts

With a proven track record of experience and expertise, Applied Catalysts is your trusted development company provider. With a team of experts, our catalyst development solutions cover custom catalyst services that meet your industry needs, including design and processing requirements from manufacturing to development. To learn more about our custom catalysts’ solutions, visit our Custom Catalysts page.

Catalyst Processes


Hydrogenation is an essential process in the oil and fat industries. This process is used to saturate an organic compound in the presence of a metal catalyst. Applied Catalysts is a suitable catalyst development solutions provider for the oil and fats industries. Our catalytic converters can help these industries convert liquid oils into semi solids for applications such as margarine. Learn more about catalytic solutions to hydrogenation processes.

Reductive Alkylation

Applied Catalysts are a leader in catalytic technology. Our catalytic solutions provide important metal catalysts used in the reductive alkylation process, which plays an essential role in the pharmaceutical industry and medicinal chemistry due to its synthetic advantages and the presence of amine functionality among various biologically active compounds. Learn more about our reductive alkylation catalytic solutions.


Applied Catalysts provide oxidation processes to several industries. Our oxidation processes can be used to remove unwanted colored organic impurities. This process can also be used to build functional groups by using nitric acid to convert aromatic alkyl groups of carboxylic acids and alcohols into carbonyl compounds. Our oxidation page provides more information about this solution.


Applied Catalysts also offers solutions for other catalyst processes. We collaborate with customers to ensure that they receive the services that they need when they need them.

Applications Supported

CO2 Capture

Using an activated carbon monolith catalyst for CO2 capture has a number of advantages. First, activated carbon in the monolith can absorb and desorb CO2. Second, activated carbon is a high-capacity support for other base adsorbants, such as alkali or alkaline earth metal carbonates or amine-functionalized polymers.

Chemical Processes

ACMC catalysts can be used for continuous chemical processes, including hydrogenation of organic liquids and gases, reductive alkylation, amination, Fischer-Tropsch hydrocarbons, and oxygenates and acids, hydrochlorination, hydrodenitrogenation, and hydrodesulfurization. Our solutions are aimed at supporting activated carbon monoliths used in the chemical process.

Industries Served


Applied Catalysts provide solutions for bio-renewable industries to develop, scale up and commercialize bio-based products and processes. Our experts are well conversant with bio-renewable industries’ needs and ready to provide design and processes essential to the industry.

Specialty Chemicals

Our catalyst development solutions cover industries that deal with specialty chemicals. This solution is essential to industries as it is used as an ingredient in finished products and to improve manufacturing processes. Applied Catalysts catalytic reactor converters convert a reactant of a single or more chemical reaction into a product or multiple products.

Fine Chemical Catalysts

With changing market needs, Applied Catalysts works tirelessly to address the needs of various pharmaceutical, oil, and fats industries. Our fine chemical catalysts are essential in producing chemicals in small quantities for specific purposes and to a very high degree of purity. Learn more about this solution through our fine chemical catalyst page.


Applied Catalysts development services provide catalytic technological solutions to oleochemical industries in the region. Our activated carbon monolith solutions help convert unsaturated fatty acids into saturated fatty acids since they are highly susceptible to hydrogenation.


Applied Catalysts, granular activated carbon catalysts, and activated carbon monolith catalyst structures can combine small molecules, called monomers (multiples of simpler chemical units that form macromolecules), into a covalently bonded chain. Our solution to industries dealing with polymers is essential in manufacturing products such as clothing and synthetic plastics. Visit our polymers page to learn more about this solution.


Applied serves several pharmaceutical industries. Our monolith and granular activated catalysts can be used in the pharmaceutical industry to selectively convert a molecule’s functional group into a new one to produce the starting material for the next synthetic step. Applied Catalysts and metal catalysts are used to enhance the sustainability of pharmaceutical products such as steroid hormones and antibiotics.

Exceed performance metrics and lower coss with our catalyst development services

Applied Catalysts has proven experience in Catalyst Development to reach performance goals rapidly.

  • we have developed catalysts for many continuous hydrogenation and reductive chemical applications
  • existing assets are in place for tons/day quantities of catalyst manufacturing
  • quick response times to your catalyst development needs
  • accelerate the time to revenue, maximizing process NPV

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