RCO Catalysts

As a supplier of catalyst and process technology, Applied Catalysts can help customers source catalysts and chemicals in many areas.

Regenerative Catalytic Oxidation Catalysts

For Structured Heat Exchange Media designed systems, Applied Ceramics can supply ABATE RCO-M™ Ceramic Monolith catalysts, designed specifically to fit within the RTO/RCO chamber. Whether you are designing a new unit from scratch, or if you are doing a retrofit of an RTO and converting it to an RCO, Applied Catalysts has the right design to match your system.


For Random Packed Heat Exchange media, such as ceramic saddle designed regenerative systems, Applied Catalysts has two different options for consideration. Depending on the application and effluents that need to be treated by the system, Applied Catalysts can provide precious metal coated saddles, or base metal rings. The ABATE RCO-S™ Precious Metal Saddles are specifically engineered to fit on the top of random heat exchange media, typically in depths of 6 to 12”. The ceramic saddle material is a special high alumina, low density saddle, designed to be an excellent support for the catalytic chemistry coated onto it. These robust saddles come in 1” and ½” nominal sizes.


The ABATE RCO-EX™ base metal raschig ring catalyst is a nominal 5/8” diameter x 5/8” long ring. This new product, years in development, has been designed specifically for the Wood Panelboard Industry. High structural strength and excellent activity, with high temperature stability has been achieved at a very competitive price.


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Product Types for Emission Control

Activated Carbon Monolith

In chemical process applications, ACMC® catalysts can be used for continuous hydrogenation reactions in many areas where traditional GACC (granular activated carbon catalysts) are currently used.

Monolithic Catalysts

Our monolithic solutions include activated carbon, ceramic, and metallic catalysts that have great applications for engine emissions control and industrial air pollution.

Particulate Systems

Our particulate systems include extrudates, precious metal spheres and saddles for regenerative air pollution control.  Enjoy benefits like 95% heat recovery.


We offer unique designs, such as our ceramic honeycomb, that provides excellent benefits including high resistance to thermal shock and solid thermal mass for effective heat exchange.

Market Applications for Emission Control


Have another market application needing a catalytic system? Tell us about it, and let’s create something that gets the job done.


Partner with the best for Emissions Control Catalysts & Services

Applied Catalysts works with many suppliers across the globe. We can provide the following:

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    in-house validation capabilities

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    in-house and external catalyst supplier

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    connections with many manufacturers

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