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Applied Catalysts, a family-owned and operated ISO 9001 certified company, proudly offers a robust—and swiftly delivered—portfolio of catalyst services in our comprehensive R&D center and laboratory in Laurens, SC, including:

  • Air permit compliance assurance for your CATOX system
  • Catalyst Activity Testing, troubleshooting, cleaning and characterization
  • New product development and modeling.


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Building Catalyst Oxidation Systems, and Need Components?

At Applied Catalysts, our broad customer base—spanning diverse markets and requirements—demands we offer a vertically integrated product mix across the catalyst spectrum.


We’ll create products form-fitted to your specific end applications.

For example, a monolith-based product—with its high geometric surface area—would be ideal in scenarios requiring low pressure drop and a compact design, due to limited physical space.

By contrast, if you’re designing a packed-bed-style air pollution control system or adsorption system, a spherical or ring-shaped extrusion can deliver a highly effective combination of outstanding catalyst activity, along with the capability to filter out potential catalyst deactivators better than monolith-style catalyst beds.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll give you exactly that.

Have an Existing Catalyst Oxidizer, and Need Replacement Components?

Tens of thousands of catalytic oxidizers are still installed across the globe. Need a replacement air pollution catalyst or replacement VOC catalyst? Applied Catalysts has an economical match for any existing system using these components:

  • Ceramic monoliths
  • Metal monoliths
  • Spheres of different sizes
  • Saddles
  • Extruded rings
  • Activated carbon

Product Types for Emission Control

Activated Carbon Monolith

In chemical process applications, ACMC® catalysts can be used for continuous hydrogenation reactions in many areas where traditional GACC (granular activated carbon catalysts) are currently used.

Monolithic Catalysts

Our monolithic solutions include activated carbon, ceramic, and metallic catalysts that have great applications for engine emissions control and industrial air pollution.

Particulate Systems

Our particulate systems include extrudates, precious metal spheres and saddles for regenerative air pollution control.  Enjoy benefits like 95% heat recovery.


We offer unique designs, such as our ceramic honeycomb, that provides excellent benefits including high resistance to thermal shock and solid thermal mass for effective heat exchange.

Market Applications for Emission Control


Have another market application needing a catalytic system? Tell us about it, and let’s create something that gets the job done.



At Applied Catalysts, our coatings chemists are true masters, with the in-depth know-how and expertise to apply catalyst coatings to a wide variety of substrates. Depending on the application, we’ll formulate your catalyst with precious metals or base metals and use economical promoters to enhance catalytic properties.

This vast depth of knowledge has allowed us to operate confidently in a broad spectrum of traditional air pollution control applications.


Applications such as:

  • Commercial Baking
  • Wood Panelboard
  • Printing
  • Coating
  • Metal Decorating
  • Wire enameling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical Processing

Our catalyst support line-up:

  • Metal monolith
  • In-house extrusion of cordierite monoliths
  • Spheres, saddles, rings and more

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Here is what we can offer in regards to GACC:

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    less prone to by-product formation

  • arrow-circle-lg

    more stable at low and high pH

  • arrow-circle-lg

    carbon properties can impact process selectivity in some cases

  • arrow-circle-lg

    broad range of active metal and promoter options

We are committed to applying world-class catalyst technology for the chemistry of interest using internal and industry standard catalysts – assuring the best available catalysts for each application, whether we produce the catalysts or sourced from world-class vendors.

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