Selective oxidation reactions are very common in process chemical and pharmaceutical applications for upgrading intermediates to higher-value products. Applied Catalysts have catalysts that can be used for this class of chemistry, and in-house testing can demonstrate chemistries of interest.


How Catalytic Oxidation Benefits our Clients

Selective oxidations are a vital part of the chemical toolkit used to produce chemical products at a low cost and with less waste. The catalyst tunes the oxidation to the desired part of the molecule, leaving other parts alone, delivering the target product to the customer while avoiding complete oxidation to carbon dioxide and water.


Problems Selective Oxidation Reactions Solve

It is sometimes challenging to optimize the catalyst and process for a highly selective oxidation process. Applied Catalysts is positioned to assist customers with proprietary and industry catalysts and to develop the lab, pilot, and commercial scale process.

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Catalyst Development

Applied Catalysts offers catalyst development services based on heterogeneous catalysts. Combining our testing services with our catalyst development services accelerates project success and maximizes value creation for the customer.


Catalyst Sourcing

There will be times when alternate suppliers are needed. As a supplier of catalyst and process technology ourselves, we can help customers source catalysts and chemicals in many areas.

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Catalyst Testing

We offer lab-scale and show-tube scale testing of hydrogenation and other chemical processes under reductive or inert conditions. Other chemistries can also be run by request.



Batch Reactor Systems

Batch reactor systems offer a reliable and flexible way to manufacture a wide range of chemical products and allow for better control over each reaction step, making them an ideal choice for many chemical manufacturers.


Continuous Reactors

Our continuous reactor systems offer productivity, reliability, and cost advantages for chemical manufacturing. Turn-key systems can be delivered.

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Modular Process Systems

Designed for flexible just in time manufacturing, our modular process systems are the perfect tools for increasing productivity and driving profitability.

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Separation Systems

Separation Systems are integral to a variety of industries that involve the processing of complex chemical mixtures that require safe, efficient, and reliable process equipment.

Process Catalysts

Metal Oxide Catalysts (MOC)

MOC products offer advantages as it can be used in both reductive and oxidative environments. Other advantages include high strength, attrition resistance, and tunable surface properties for various applications.

Custom Catalysts

Delivering on a foundation of catalyst development of over 30 years, we offer monolith-based, particulate catalysts, PGM, and base-metal catalysts.

Activated Carbon Monolith Catalysts (ACMC)

At Applied Catalysts, we strive to meet the unique needs of every customer. Whether you have a particular catalyst type in mind or need some additional guidance, we can help find the best solutions through all stages, from development to commercialization.

Granular Activated Carbon Catalysts (GACC)

GACC products have a high surface area and inert support for numerous catalyst applications. We can help you develop, test, and deliver the right catalyst.




Hydrogenation is an essential process in a number of chemical process industries, including Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceutical intermediates, and Polymers. We offer robust hydrogenation catalysts, systems, and services for a variety of classes of chemistry at the lab, pilot, and production scale.

Reductive Alkylation
Selective Oxidation


We'll Help Develop the Lab, Pilot, and Commercial Scale Oxidation Process

Here is what you can expect:

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    catalysts proposed for your process based on internal or external catalyst options, including catalyst development, if needed

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    Lab scale proof of concept or validation testing in our lab or yours

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    semi-pilot and show-tube demonstrations, and pilot production runs for market development

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    engineer and fabricate modular pilot and commercial systems

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