Lab and Semi-Pilot Scale Reactor Testing

Applied Catalysts is pleased to offer lab scale and semi-pilot scale testing services in our proprietary Shell and Tube test reactor. The reactor is based on a 1″ diameter by 39″ catalyst bed and can be used to test process conditions for complete conversion of customer chemistry in a bed of 39″ or higher bed lengths using multiple reactor passes. The heat generated per pass is measured by the analysis of the increase in coolant temperature over the reactor bed length. The conversion is measured by sampling our internal GC or FTIR capability and often this is done by sending GC samples to the customer for their analysis. This is both cost effective and keeps the collaboration with the customer strong through-out the scale-up process.

Applied Catalysts has the experience to transfer continuous or batch lab scale reactor conditions to those needed in a pilot/ commercial reactor tube. Data from the semi-pilot scale test reactor can be used directly in the CRU™ turn-key catalytic reactor units for commercial scale production, or an intermediate show-tube can be run.

Here are some photos of the semi- Pilot Scale Reactor testing unit:

Pilot scale reactor1

Pilot scale reactor2

For Laboratory scale testing, a smaller length catalyst bed is used in the semi-pilot scale reactor unit. In addition, dedicated CTU can be arranged for your catalyst testing in either our facility or the customers facility.

A recent publication in Organic Process Research and Development describes recent testing work in support of CRU™ development: OPRD

An additional reactor capability is a 2-L autoclave reactor, which can be used for catalyst screening and comparison of batch to continuous chemistry:


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