Market Applications

We’ve Got Coatings Covered

At Applied Catalysts, our coatings chemists are true masters, with the in-depth know-how and expertise to apply catalyst coatings to a wide variety of substrates. Depending on the application, we’ll formulate your catalyst with precious metals or base metals and use economical promoters to enhance catalytic properties.

This vast depth of knowledge has allowed us to operate confidently in a broad spectrum of traditional air pollution control applications in arenas such as:

  • Commercial Baking
  • Wood Panelboard
  • Printing
  • Coating
  • Metal decorating
  • Wire enameling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical processing

Our catalyst support line-up:

  • Metal monolith
  • In-house extrusion of cordierite monoliths (an ACC specialty)
  • Spheres, saddles, rings and more

Here’s Where Applied Catalysts Shines

Your RTO/RCO Source

In high flow/low VOC concentration applications, using a catalyst to lower operating costs of an RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidation), and converting it to an RCO (Regenerative Catalytic Oxidation) can make sense for many reasons.

Or perhaps you’re looking to add capacity to your existing RTO? Using catalysts and running at a lower temperature can increase the flow through your existing RTO by up to 20%.

Applied Catalysts’ broad RCO product line makes us the world’s premier RCO catalyst provider, with both precious-metal-based catalysts supported on monolith and saddles, as well as base-metal extruded rings.

As RTOs gain widespread use and market acceptance, Applied Catalysts Thermal Heat Media is fast becoming an industry standard.

Indoor Air Pollution

For indoor air pollution as well as certain chemical processing applications, our ACM (activated carbon monolith) and ACMC (activated carbon monolith catalysts) capitalize on the unique features and advantages of both activated carbon and monoliths themselves (i.e., high geometric surface area, low attrition and low pressure drop).

Stoves & Ovens

Since 1980, Applied Catalysts have been leaders in wood-burning stove catalysts (, and self-cleaning oven smoke eliminators for most brands of electric and gas kitchen ovens.

Food Production

Most cooking applications routinely produce odors, VOC’s and particulates in the form of smoke. ACC provides custom metal monoliths designed and coated for:

  • Fast-food convection ovens
  • Char-broilers
  • Pizza ovens

These solidly built, precisely coated catalysts will stand up for years to the rigors of both kitchen environments and the required ongoing cleaning procedures in those settings.


Applied Catalysts produces a variety of catalysts for all types of engines—from small handheld appliances to large MW reciprocating engine-exhaust catalysts for CO, HC and NOx control. See our engine exhaust pages for more details.

Don’t See Your Application?

Have another market application needing a catalytic system? Tell us about it, and let’s create something that gets the job done.

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For a quarter-century

Applied Catalysts

Has provided a broad array of catalysts,

along with development, testing and troubleshooting services, to enhance clean air and chemical process applications.