Thermal Incineration

RTO Heat Media


With the proliferation of Regenerative based systems in the 1990’s for Industrial Air Pollution Control, many VOC abatement applications began to use RTO’s (Regenerative Thermal Oxidation).  Using ceramic heat exchange media as RTO/RCO heat media, can allow an oxidation system to achieve up to 95% heat exchange efficiency.

Applied Ceramics via its partner, ACIChemshun, supplies MC-01 porcelain ceramic monolith heat exchange media.  The ceramic monolith can be supplied in a variety of cell openings or configurations, with the standard size being a 150 x 150 x 300mm block.  Additionally, Applied Ceramics can supply porcelain saddles in various sizes including 1” and ¾”.   Contact Applied Catalysts to discuss your needs for Regenerative Heat Exchange Media.

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